Read this FAQ first, if you have questions about commissions, contact me at  contact@lucyfidelis.com

- What software do you use to draw?

My art process (digital) are done 100% digitally, i do the sketch´s in Adobe Photoshop, Inks in Sketch Book Pro and colors in Adobe Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI

- You draw girls so good, how you do it?

Study very much, every days, i have 3 or 4 hours, just to practice colors, anatomy thing´s like that.

- Do you teach digital colors?

Yes, soon you will can buy my classes about digital colors and girls anatomy here in this website. Sometimes you can see me, on Livestream too.

- You can draw me? for free...

Oh! I´m sorry, no i don´t. But if you want a commission artwork, feel free to contact to budget.

- I send one e-mail, but you don´t reply me!

I´m sorry, sometimes i don´t can reply to everyone.

- Are You Avaliable to Comercial works and Personal COMMISSIONS ?

Yes, feel free to contact me, with your ideas, send me one e-mail to contact@lucyfidelis.com